Two Thousand and Fourteen.

Devoting your life to monetary pursuits is less relevant in 2014 than ever before.

Inflation and your government will take whatever your children and divorce do not. Your hard work and squandering of your only real asset (time) will all be for far less than you anticipate.

2014 is a very different time to that in which your parents, aunts and uncles got married and chased corporate ‘success’.

Use your time for you. No one else will.



Boredom is spending two hours Wikipedia-ing the Maldives.

Boredom is considering getting an early start on writing your parents’ eulogies so that they’re representative of actual life and not clichés stemming from hindsight.

Boredom is planning to google what the difference is between Latinas and Latinos.

Boredom is spending $33.00 on eBay on a pencil sharpener for vegetables.

Boredom is reading the “sent” section of your email interface after every single email you send, to see how you come off to others.

Boredom is going to the bathroom every hour to fake-piss just to look in the mirror, lift up your shirt and check your hairline’s recession progress.

Boredom is what I get paid $26 an hour to endure, and these have been its manifestations.