Friday Afternoon Traffic™

Why the FUCK is Friday Afternoon Traffic™ a thing? Where do all the extra cars come from? It’s not like pricks wake up on Friday morning and think “Boy, that was a restful four days of not going to work – I believe today I will get in my car and go to work.” A Sia song comes on the radio. I begin to reflect upon the bullshit publicity stunt she’s been carrying on with for a year or so. You know, the one where she stands with her back to the audience during performances, and wears gigantic wigs that cover her entire face during all public appearances? I’ve heard her reasoning for it, and although I can’t remember what it was right now, I know that I didn’t care about it. It’s stupid and ungrateful. Millions of aspiring musicians would kill to have the exposure and success that she has, yet she takes the piss out of it. Millions would kill to be able to make music for a handsome living, as opposed to the soul-crushing real ways they will actually have to make a living. Basically doing shit they absolutely do not want to do for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week because they have no choice. And real world work is particularly worse for aspiring musicians. Because they just cannot give a fuck about whether there are accurate records of which employees’ CVs are in the system and which aren’t, or whether the cap on that large bottle of degreaser is 100% screwed on before it goes on the truck, or whether they were able to convince a customer to buy a shitty cleaning kit with their purchase. They just cannot give a fuck about anything that isn’t their music or band or creative projects. And I don’t blame them. They weren’t born with the capitalist greed that the douche bag employers they will be forced to work for were. They just want to be creative. The successful business owners or managers they will work for have no passion in life, and thus have made monetary pursuit their default passion. But they will never be as rich as they want to be. And they will never know the satisfaction of creative output.

Fucking Friday Afternoon Traffic™.


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