Sick of Subway so I bought groceries.

I’ve been living at a distant family member’s house for a month or two. Nice man. But there is a woman living here who has been taking advantage of his good nature. She has been working and living here rent free for months, but claims to have no money to get a place of her own. He knows she’s earning money, he got her the job. I have found her secretively smoking weed a few times, and she’s asked me not to tell him. I haven’t told him, because I don’t want her to get kicked out, but now I kind of want her to get kicked out. She told me she has gambled. She comes home late at night and barely ever comes out of her room.

I was just downstairs in the kitchen preparing food for the week. She walked in the front door with a pizza (no doubt a $4.95 cheapo special from Pizza Hut), and realised that if she sat downstairs in the living room or dining area, she may be obliged to offer me a slice. So she said hello and then took the pizza upstairs into her room and closed the door. She is in her 50s.

I have wasted this Sunday. Did groceries for the week and thought that counted as some kind of achievement. Got home and realised it didn’t. May do some Pilates.


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